Selasa, 10 April 2012

Korean Lost Saga by Muhammad Zaidan

You want to know how to play Korean Lost Saga? Just ask this blog!
(If you're not using English language, you can translate it from

Warning! Don't make any mistakes!

Easy Methods:
-Step 1: Make a folder then rename into "KLS".
-Step 2: After you make a folder, Open your Internet Explorer/Google/or Mozilla.
-Step 3:Open this link >
-Step 4:Checklist the 3 squares then press the orange button.
-Step 5: Fill the forms
   Translated>1.Write your ID
                     2.Write your Password and write it again on the second blank.
                     3.Write your Email.
                     4.Write your Lost Saga character name.
                     5.Select your gender (Male and Female)
-Step 6: Click the orange button then login to
-Step 7:Write your previous ID and Password then press the lowest button.
-Step 8:Now go to link>
-Step 9:Click Game Start on link then click GAME START.
-Step 10:Click ActiveX, then download it.
-Step 11:Click the downloaded file and Install it until finished.

--Step 17: When you click GAME START, there will be one program. You can press the white button next to the C:\Program Files\LostSaga
-Step 18: When you click the white button, click your folder that named "KLS" you made.

-Step 19:Click the Orange button and wait until the Launcher is on.
-Step 20: Have fun playing, guys! :D :D :D

                 It will take 10 minutes to wait the update
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